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We are the exporters of premium and best quality of all kinds of ground spices like red chilli powder, ginger products, turmeric powder, coriander and cumin seeds and powder and also provide Kashmiri saffron.

SunSeem International enjoy the customer’s confidence and trust and have very high demand in the UAE, Gulf, European, South Asian Subcontinent markets.

What Make Us  The Preferred Choice Of Our Clients Are:

  • Timely Delivery Of Goods And Services.
  • Tested and Quality Goods.
  • In-House Packing Operations Under Complete Hygienic Conditions.
  • Best Quality Control Procedures and Containerization Of Export Cargo
  • Packing and Loading Stuffing Done Under The Supervision Of Experienced Staff.

We are a group of experienced engineers, management professional, farmers, SMEs and enthusiastic individuals who have come together for a single goal to become global leader in spices.

We believe that India is known for best quality spices and food export is vital to our country’s growth.

The proprietor of SunSeem International  , Mr Sunil R Tadkod is a Third Generation Entrepreneur having experience of around 30 years in the field of Engineering, Management and Spices.

We Provide Packing In Food Grade Container, Glass Container , Poly Bag And Jute Bag and Paper Bag as per Clients needs and Specifications.


When it comes to spices, there must be no compromise. This is why we strive to provide you with the best quality services to ensure that the spices stays healthy and fresh.

Our vast experience in the business management  is what makes us the ideal choice for your spices trading needs.

Being a legally certified and verified spices export company in India, our services are transparent and trustworthy.

Time is a very important factor when it comes to spices. This is why, at Sunseem International  , we are committed to ensuring that we get the job done on schedule without fail.

Using innovative methods and equipment, we ensure that the spicesare packaged and stored to the best standards.